Culture Clash

12.01 - 21.01

This show is a bastardized version of an art exhibition, mixing television with art, dealing not just with the way the art market trades on rigid channels of distribution, but how art is dealt with, both within the art-world and in mass media. Fictitious representations of contemporary art and artists in mass media are highly influenced by romantic notions of the artist, but often based on actual works of art or real-life artists. These notions are propagated and reproduced by curators, writers, collectors, gallerists and artists.

Culture Clash
makes a selection of representations from mass media available in an exhibition, presented side by side with work that deals critically with how and why these representations are still surfacing in a world where the artist has been thoroughly professionalized. Most of the art works in the exhibition are ripped and downloaded from archives and databases online. They are meant for reference only, and are not supposed to be exhibited. Here they are shown stripped of their technical brillliance and rid of an air of exclusivity.

Curated by Geir Haraldseth

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